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Hello angels, I think it’s about time we brought you an insight on where all the Zalie magic happens!
We recently moved our entire office to a new location – this was as stressful as you could imagine! The plan for Zalie moving forward was to find a house with a space suitable enough for all my mess. Not an easy task… We took six months to find our perfect little office space. A renovated Queenslander with bottom floor dedicated to Zalie.
Going from my mother’s lounge-room floor to this, was such an amazing and well needed improvement. I went from cutting out each and every order on the floor (sorry not sorry) to having a cutting table larger than the old lounge room (it’s a little bit big for us but it was cheap and we had space to fill, so why not!!) ALSO, I’m such a messy worker so my mum was getting pretty sick of pins ending up in her bedroom (and in my boyfriend’s foot on one occasion) and cotton and fabric spread all over the house- I’m not exaggerating, it was everywhere. Heres an old video of how bad it really was...
I’m so lucky now to have work and home (upstairs) separate so I can’t step on pins whilst getting ready. That’s a lie I will probably still find a way. It was because of each and every one of you beautiful girls that this move was possible. A huge THANKYOU!!!! to my gorgeous ZAliE girls!
Our new space allows us to work in a more productive, organised environment that’s perfect for expansion - happy work, happy life, right? After just moving in and pinteresting all the amazing office setups and me, being a scrooge who doesn’t like to spend Zalie money; I was basically forced into going on a shopping spree at IKEA (+KMART – which by the way is bloody amazing and cheap. Shout-out.), making the place a much more colourful and enjoyable space- which I absolutely lurveeee!!

Here are some photos of new our office space x

This is our GIANT cutting table where we cut out every order, new design, or trial pieces. We also create all our own patterns from scratch so this work bench is perfecto’
My little office desk- isn't much but is all I need P.S. this used to be someones bar :/ 
Storage for all my patterns- It's organised to me I know where each one is, I swear!!
This is my favourite bit because its so pretty and helps keep my paperwork organised and not looking like paperwork.
Our 2IC getting things done!
To anyone who got through this whole blog heres a code for free shipping, (Australia only)  congratulations and thank you for sticking with me. Code: 1blog *Expires midnight Sunday 20th May*
We are in the process of our next collection and can't wait to share all our new designs. LOVE YOU ALL!

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